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Invasive Stucco Inspections

An invasive stucco inspection is a process in which the exterior stucco of a building is partially removed to assess the moisture content and inspect for hidden damage. This type of inspection provides a more thorough and accurate assessment of the building's condition compared to a standard non-invasive inspection.

Visual Stucco Inspections

A non-invasive visual stucco inspection involves examining the exterior stucco of a building without causing damage or drilling into the material. The inspector will typically look for cracks, discoloration, or other signs of damage that could indicate a more significant issue such as water damage or mold growth.

Phased Repair Inspections

A phase repair inspection is an assessment of a building or property that breaks down the inspection process into phases. Each phase of the inspection deals with specific parts of the building, such as roofing, windows, foundation, and electrical systems. This inspection helps identify the condition of each phase and the recommended repairs to be conducted.

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Our Spectora reports can be viewed on any device!

While Lawlis Stucco Inspections encourages our clients to walk through the home with us, we understand that you may be too busy, and may not have time to do so.

Regardless of whether or not you attend the inspection, we will compile a comprehensive Spectora report, which includes all of the information you need to determine the condition of the home.

We will deliver our report within 24 hours of the conclusion of your home inspection, so that you can quickly access a full overview of our findings – and discuss them with us and your agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stucco inspection refers to the process of visually and physically evaluating the condition of stucco on the exterior of a building. The major difference between invasive and non-invasive stucco inspection lies in the extent of examination they carry out. Non-invasive stucco inspection involves visual examination of stucco while invasive inspection involves an in-depth analysis of stucco systems by removing layers of materials for inspection.

The cost of a stucco inspection will vary based on whether it’s an invasive or non-invasive inspection, and the extent of the inspection needed to be performed. Call us today for a free quote!

Generally, a stucco inspection can take between 2-4 hours to complete, but the time it takes to conduct a stucco inspection can depend on a variety of factors including the size of the building, the complexity of the stucco system, and the extent of any suspected problems or damage.

It is important to note that no house is perfect. At the end of the stucco inspection process, we will provide a detailed report that thoroughly describes what we find, along with images and annotations for you to fully understand.